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Property Management Software (PMS)

Properly plays well with every major vacation rental PMS. Get instructions on importing from each of them here.

Written by Sarah Quimno
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The following PMS (property management software) have a direct interface with Properly. Please select which PMS you use for directions:

Is your system not in the above list?

If you manage properties on a PMS that does not have a direct integration with Properly, don't worry. You can still use Properly to manage your properties with the iCal integration. 

First, connect any Airbnb accounts to Properly. This will import all your listing photos and general property information (important for making checklists!).

Then, export the iCal from the PMS and add it to your properties in Properly. Properly will sync your reservations calendar for you so you can view your bookings and schedule jobs in your calendar. 

Please note: if you are using an iCal feed from your property management system, you’ll need to disconnect your Airbnb accounts to avoid creating multiple reservations in Properly.

Read more about the iCal integration and get instructions on how to export iCals from the most popular systems.

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