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You can connect your iCal and other URL calendars for any property to sync those bookings with your Properly calendar. This feature makes it easier for property managers and hosts who do not use major listing channels or PMS to use Properly. 

How to connect an iCal URL from mobile app

  1. Go to the Properties tab and click the property you want to add an iCal to

  2. Click the property options tab and select “iCal” in the dropdown menu

3. Tap the “+

4. Add a title for the iCal (for example, the source of the iCal such as HomeAway) and paste the iCal link. (Note: You have to export this link in the PMS or booking platform.)


  • The iCal will sync right away, and your bookings will be added to the calendar.

  • Syncing bookings: If you receive a new booking it may not be visible in Properly right away. iCals sync every 2 hours.

How to connect an iCal URL to Properly on the web 

If you have connected your Airbnb or account with your Properly account but want to add an iCal link, please disconnect these listings on Properly first to avoid double bookings. Don’t worry: your properties, checklists and job history will be saved.

To disconnect, select Connected Accounts from your Profile dropdown menu, and click edit next to the connected Airbnb or HomeAway account.

Then click Disconnect Account.

After you disconnect an account, you’ll be taken back to your Connected Accounts page. Please disconnect ALL accounts with an iCal link before proceeding. 

Next, you’ll need to add the iCal URL for each property to that property’s profile. Go to your Properties page. Then click on the Connections tab. Paste your iCal link in the field as shown below. 

If the listing for which you're adding an iCal link is not yet on Properly, you’ll need to add a new property. Simply go to the Properties tab and click + New Property in the left-hand column. Once you've created that property listing, you can add a calendar URL to it using the instructions above. 

Each property will need its own iCal or other calendar URL to pull in those bookings.

How to export iCal URL from Google Calendar.

How to export iCAL URL from Wimdu.

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