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Adding iCal link to import bookings
Adding iCal link to import bookings

Integrate your iCal calendar with Properly to keep track of all your bookings in one place.

Written by Sarah Quimno
Updated over a week ago

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If you list or use a system Properly does not have an API integration with (like HomeAway,, Smartbnb, Lodgify) and that system allows you to export iCals* you are able to get those bookings in Properly.

*iCal is a file with calendar events/bookings.

Step 1: Export iCal from the Listing platform or PMS

The first thing you need to do is export the iCal from the listing platform or the PMS.
In case your Airbnb properties are co-hosted you'd need to connect Airbnb iCals:
Instructions for exporting Airbnb iCals
Instructions for exporting iCals
Instructions for exporting VRBO/HomeAway iCals
Instructions for exporting YourPorter iCals
Instructions for exporting Lodgify iCals

Instructions for exporting Hospitable iCals
Instructions for exporting LiveRez iCals
Instructions for exporting OneRoofTop iCals

Instructions for exporting Vreasy iCals
Instructions for exporting Igms iCals
Tip: If your system is not in the list above contact Customer Support of the PMS you are using and ask them if they can provide you with an iCal.

Step 2: How to connect an iCal URL to Properly on the web

1.) Select the property
2.) Then, go to the Connections tab of that property
3.) Scroll down slightly till you see iCal and click Connect

After you have clicked connect you'll see the following pop-up:

4.) Fill out a name for the connection and paste the iCal URL in the designated fields (this is an URL ending in .ics.
5.) Set default Check-in and Check-out times for the bookings. We do not import actual check-in and check-out times of the guest and the times you see in Booking details are the defaults you have set up here.

IMPORTANT NOTE on iCal syncing behaviour:

  • The iCal will sync right after you connect it, and your bookings will be added to the calendar.

  • Syncing bookings: If you receive a new booking it may not be visible in Properly right away. iCals sync every 2 hours.

  • Properly will display everything that is in the iCal. We do not control what the PMS adds to the iCal. It is possible that the PMS not only adds bookings to the iCal, but also blocked and unavailable dates (this happens with Airbnb for example). Properly will treat every event in the iCal as a booking and will generate a check-in and check-out for every event. Tip: Check what is in your calendar after you connect an iCal and crosscheck it with your PMS. Is everything in there that you need to be in there?

  • If a booking is cancelled it will be removed from the Properly calendar without notification and the job will not be cancelled automatically.

No property in Properly to link the iCal to

If the listing for which you're adding an iCal link is not yet on Properly, you’ll need to add a new property. Simply go to the Properties tab and click + New Property in the left-hand column. Once you've created that property listing, you can add a calendar URL to it using the instructions above.

Each property will need its own iCal or other calendar URL to pull in those bookings.

Connect iCals in the mobile app

It's recommended to add the iCals in the web app, but it's possible on mobile as well.

  1. Go to the Properties tab and click the property you want to add an iCal to

  2. Click the property options tab and select “iCal” in the dropdown menu

3. Tap the “+

4. Add a title for the iCal (for example, the source of the iCal such as HomeAway) and paste the iCal link. (Note: You have to export this link in the PMS or booking platform.)

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