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Error: Default Checkin/Checkout dates not supplied
Error: Default Checkin/Checkout dates not supplied
Written by Sarah Quimno
Updated over a week ago

Recently we changed something about adding iCals. You have to provide a default Check-in and Check-out time from now on. We do not import actual check-in and check-out times of the guest, so we set a default. This was confusing to many users so we changed this to allow users to set their own default times.

If you added your iCals before we released this change you will see this error:

You can leave it like this, but be aware that the check-in and check-out times in booking details is the random default set by Properly and is not the actual check-in/check-out time of the guest.

If you'd like to update this to get rid of the error message you have to disconnect the iCal and re-connect it. The moment you disconnect the iCal all bookings will disappear from your calendar and when you re-connect the iCal all bookings will import again. These are created as new bookings and will generate new check-in and check-out events in the calendar. So if you have already scheduled some jobs on the check-out don't forget to remove the additional orange Check-outs in the calendar. You can remove them by clicking on them and then selecting Ignore.

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