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To connect Smoobu and Properly you need the Smoobu API Key. You can get this API Key from within your Smoobu account.
1. Log into your Smoobu account

2. Go to settings, here

3. Click "For Developers"

4. Copy the API- Key:

After you have copied the API Key, you are ready to connect Smoobu to Properly.
1. Log into your Properly account

2. Click on settings (last tab on the left)

3. Select Connected Accounts

4. Find Smoobu in the list

5. Click Connect on the right
6. Fill out the Smoobu API Key you just copied

7. Click Connect Account

Your properties will be imported and your bookings will get synced.
​Please note that your listing photos will not be imported and you have to add them to your properties manually.

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