This is a user guide that will assist the Hostaway users to be able to connect with Properly

Written by Sarah Quimno
Updated over a week ago

To connect with Hostaway from Properly, you need the Account ID and API key from within your Hostaway account. This is how you get them:

  1. Hit the Create button

  2. Enter an appropriate name, for example, Properly API Key and press Create

  3. A modal appears containing the Account ID and API key. Please make sure to copy both as we will need them in the next steps to connect to Hostaway

  4. Look for Hostaway in the list of options and Click Connect

  5. Enter the Account ID and API key retrieved in Step 4 and Click Connect Account
    ​You should receive a Connection Successful message.

    For any queries/issues that you might face, please reach out to us at and we will assist you in the process.

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