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What Are Problem Reports?
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Service Providers create Problem Reports to document any issues –damage caused by a guest, a lost and found item, low inventory, etc.– they encounter at your property. They’ll write up a description of the issue in the Properly app and assign it a severity rating of 1 (low) to 5 (high.) They can also attach photos to give you a clear idea of the situation.

Any Problem Reports you receive will show up in the properties "Job Requests" tab with an exclamation mark inside a red triangle.

NOTE: If you’ve set up your notifications, you’ll get an alert about the Problem Report by text, email, or phone.

Access a Problem Report:

  1. Click on the job to open the "Job Request" form.

  2. Select “Problems Reported” to read the full Problem Report.

Can your Service Provider easily resolve the issue?

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the job summary, and click the “Comment” section.

2. Send your Service Provider instructions detailing how you’d like them to handle the issue.

What if your Service Provider cannot easily resolve the issue?

If the Service Provider cannot easily resolve the issue, or if fixing the issue will require a good deal of additional work (and compensation for extra time), you can create a new job from the problem report.

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