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Create a New Job from a Problem Report
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If your Service Provider sends you a Problem Report that cannot be easily resolved, you may want to create a new Job Request to fix the problem.

Ex. There's mold in the tub of one of your properties, and your Service Provider can’t resolve the issue on their own. You can create a new Job Request – including a price and a timeframe for the repair– to send to a different Service Provider. If they accept, you’ll have a fix on the way.

To create a new job from a Problem Report:

  1. Click the “Properties” icon in the navigation bar and select the property with the issue.

2. Open the "Job Requests" tab and click on the job with the “Problem Report."

3. Open the “Problems Reported” section and click the button next to the problem description.

4. Click the “Schedule Job” button.

5. Fill out the pop-up “Job Request” form as usual.

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