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AutoScheduling Jobs - Value Driven Structure and New Additions
AutoScheduling Jobs - Value Driven Structure and New Additions
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AutoScheduler is designed for property owners, managers, and hosts to automate the scheduling of cleaning tasks, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Note: This feature is available on web-app only for now. It is typically used by Owners / Managers / Hosts to automate their scheduling, not cleaners.

Value-Driven Structure of AutoScheduler Feature

Save Time:

  • Automated Scheduling: Automatically assigns cleaning tasks based on how you set the rules. Once set up, forget manual scheduling and enjoy more free time.

  • Resend/Reschedule Automation: If the primary cleaner can't accept a job within a given time or declines, no worries – AutoScheduler automatically sends the job to additional cleaners after a waiting period you set. Guest plans changed? No problem. AutoScheduler re-schedules or cancels jobs as needed, keeping your operations smooth.

  • Versatile Scheduling: From scheduling relative to checkout / check-in time to fixed and flexible start times, schedule jobs exactly when you need them, accommodating early check-ins or late checkouts effortlessly.

  • Empower Your Team: Allow partners and cleaners to self-schedule, reducing back-and-forth communication.

Avoiding Errors:

  • Seamless Integrations: Connect with booking platforms or use iCal to ensure jobs are scheduled accurately based on bookings, and avoid double bookings or missed cleanings.

  • iCal known issues: iCal implementations misinterpret buffer days as checkouts. This does NOT apply to direct integrations.

    • 💡TIP: We suggest to integrate your Properly account with direct Airbnb from Connections tab.

  • Last-minute bookings: AutoScheduler adjusts seamlessly to last-minute bookings, avoiding errors and ensuring no missed cleaning jobs.

Flexibility Maintained:

  • Even after jobs are auto-scheduled, you can tweak details right up until dispatch. This means if you need to add a skills checklist or additional cleaners last minute, or change checkout time, you're covered.

New Additions Highlights

AutoScheduler List-view:

  • A list view helps you see all your AutoScheduler rules in one place. Think of each AutoScheduler as your custom rulebook for when and how jobs should be scheduled. Easily edit, pause, or delete these rules as your needs change.

    • 💡TIP: Make sure to distinguish between the List view of AutoScheduler and the List view of Jobs Scheduled to Send. Use the former to change the rules on how to auto schedule a job, and the latter to change the jobs ready to be sent

Jobs scheduled to sent List-view:

  • See all the jobs queued up and ready for dispatch. This view keeps you organized, showing you what’s planned before it’s sent to your cleaners. While standard jobs, they are visible to the host under the ListView (with the toggle "Jobs Scheduled to be Sent" disabled)

    • 💡TIP: Once the auto-job is deleted from here, it cannot be recovered.

New Scheduling mode - relative to check in / checkout time:

  • If your PMS allows to change the Checkin and Checkout time then set jobs to Relative to check-in or checkout times, perfect for adjusting to guest schedules. It helps accommodate early check-ins and late checkouts effectively.

Scheduling interval:

  • Decide how far in advance jobs are sent to cleaners, ensuring they’re always informed.

Additional cleaners:

  • Designate additional cleaners for reliability. If your primary cleaner is unavailable, the job automatically moves to the next available person.

    • 💡TIP: Additional cleaners will not be visible in the jobs, they can be seen only in the AutoScheduler by clicking on Edit

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