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AutoScheduling Jobs - How to Setup
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AutoScheduler Quick Guide

In Time tab lies the rules to set for AutoScheduler

Pick a Trigger:

  • Head to the Time tab to adjust AutoScheduler settings. Choose your trigger: "Every Check-out" for checkout, or "Every Check-in" for check in jobs. Time.”

    • 💡TIP: Most users choose scheduling jobs on checkouts rather than on Check-in

Scheduling Interval:

  • Decide how many days in advance to assign jobs (1-14 days). A 7-day time is popular for a good heads-up without being too early.

Select the job start time:

  • Relative to Check-out time: Set it to start 0-72 hours after checkout. For example, if the checkout time is 10am and the job start is set to 3 hours after checkout, cleaners should begin the job at 1 pm.

  • Fixed Time: If you need your Service Provider to work within a specific window of time, select “Fixed Time”

  • Flexible Time: If you have more room in your schedule for this job, you can assign it a “Flexible Time.” Enter a “Start After” time and date, as well as a “Finish Before” time and date. Example: Complete this one-hour job anytime between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.

If check-out/check in time / date changes: [Both can be selected]:

  • Automatically reschedule the job: If you select this option, the job will automatically get rescheduled if the guest changes the dates.

  • Send me email notification: Host will get the email notification if the dates change and job schedule changes.

If check out/check-in is canceled: [Both can be selected]:

  • Automatically cancel the job: If you select this option, the job will get cancel automatically if the booking is canceled

  • Send me email notification: Host will get email notified regarding the same

Adding additional service providers:

  • If the primary service provider doesn't reply or declines within your set time (like 6 hours), the job automatically goes to your additional service provider. Pick your primary provider first, then add backups.

  • Say you set a 6-hour window. If your main provider passes or doesn't respond in time, the next providers in line get the job. You can even pick providers from a marketplace. You'll get an email update.

    • 💡TIP: If you use this feature, make sure you don’t address Service Providers by name in any messages, as the job might be sent to the second person.

  • Once all the details are filled, click on Publish to see the auto scheduled job under the AutoScheduler page. AutoSchedulers can be deleted or edited from the Actions column.

    • 💡TIP: If you delete an AutoScheduler, ALL jobs created by this AutoScheduler will also be deleted. If you want to temporary pause property and don’t want to delete any past jobs, you can use the toggle On / Off feature

Toggle OFF/ON AutoScheduler:

  • Toggle AutoScheduler on or off from this page. Turning it off won't erase past jobs. Jobs are listed as "Scheduled to send" and you can see them in the ListView and calendar. Feel free to edit or choose a send date anytime before it goes out

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