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Step 2: Import Your Managed Properties

Are your listings currently on Airbnb or a PMS? Start by importing your properties and bookings to Properly.

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  1. Click the “Settings” icon in the navigation menu, then head to the “Connected Accounts” tab.

  2. Click the “Connect” buttons of the listing platforms or Property Management Systems (PMSs) you use.

    • You’ll need to enter your login credentials for each of your accounts to link it to your Properly profile.

    • If you use a PMS you shouldn't connect the listing platforms, like: Airbnb, and

NOTE: If you connect a PMS to Properly, you may be asked for an API Key or Secret. If you do not know your API key or secret, contact your PMS’ customer support.

3. Once you’ve connected accounts, we’ll import your properties, listing photos, and bookings calendar from your listing platform or PMS into Properly.

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