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Step 5: Accept a Job

You’ve received your first job through the Properly app! This article explains how to accept jobs from clients in Properly.

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You’ll get a notification whenever a client (or potential client, if you’ve joined the Marketplace!) sends you a job request. Here's how to accept that job request:

  1. Click the notification or open the Properly app to see the job date, time, and location in your “Jobs’ section.

2. Click on the request for more information, including the tasks you’d be required to complete ( tap “Preview Checklist” to take a look), the price offered, and a map of the property’s location.

If the host or manager sent you a message about the job, you’d see that here too.

3. You can scroll through each checklist to see what the job involves and determine whether you can do all of them.

4. If you feel confident you can perform all of the tasks requested in the allotted time, click “Accept.”

5. A pop-up screen gives you the option to tap “Accept” or hit “Accept and Reply” if you’d like to write a note or comment to the client on the next screen.

NOTE: If you have second thoughts, hit “Cancel,” and you’ll return to the request.

6. To find your accepted job, go to the “Jobs” screen. Where the request said “Pending” before you took it, it will now read “Accepted.”

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