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Boost Your Ranking in the Marketplace

Our best-performing service providers rank higher in the marketplace. You can boost your rank with these tips.

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When you sign up to become a Community Service Provider in the Properly Marketplace, you’ll get ranked according to how qualified you appear to be for the job. You can boost your ranking with a few best practices around using the Properly app and servicing your properties.

Complete All Job Tasks

If you can’t complete a task due to a problem you’ve encountered on the job, be sure to report the problem to your client so it can be resolved quickly.

This one’s easy: when your client requests a photo, be sure to take one! You’ll be able to see any photos you haven’t completed in the app, so snap one before you leave the location if you forgot to do it right after you performed the task.

Respond Quickly to Job Requests

You don’t have to accept jobs, but you should respond promptly to all job requests. You’ll be ranked based on how quickly you respond to job requests, including accepts and declines.

Start on Time

Your clients want to know they can rely on you to show up when you said you would. Be sure to arrive on time or ask your client to reschedule the start time if you need it.

Don’t Cancel

While we all run into emergencies now and then, clients need to know they can rely on you to perform the job you’ve accepted. Avoid canceling if at all possible, and always communicate with your client as early as you can!

Understand Hospitality Cleaning

Review our seminar on hospitality cleaning and get a badge that shows clients you understand the difference between cleaning a primary residence and a vacation rental.

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