2. Join Properly Pro

We'll walk you through the sign-up process!

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NOTE: Read Section 1 first.

  1. After tapping the "Join" button in the "Marketplace" section of the app, you'll get a quick description of the two steps it takes to join Pro:

  • Step One: Agree to the commitments of Properly Pro.

  • Step Two: Set up a bank account so you can receive Pro Job payments automatically.

2. Tap "Join"

3. On the "Become a Pro" page, you'll need to read over and agree to each of your commitments.

  • To review the commitments, tap the dropdown caret next to each section of the agreement and read it over.

  • Then, agree to those commitments by tapping on the square next to each one.

NOTE: You cannot continue the sign-up process unless you accept each commitment.

4. Once you've checked off each commitment, click "I agree with the Marketplace Commitments" at the bottom of the page.

5. Next, in order to get paid automatically after each Pro Job you complete, you need to add your bank account information to the app.

NOTE: You'll also need to create and add a Stripe account to the app.

6. If you try to leave the Pro Sign-Up process, you'll be reminded that you can't accept Pro Jobs without adding your bank account. Tap "No" to finish the sign-up process, or "Yes" to stop and finish it later.

7. Once you've completed both sign-up steps, your Pro Profile will officially be live! Your profile photo will now be sporting a dashing orange "Pro" badge, and you'll be able to accept any Pro Job Requests that come your way.

Welcome to Properly Pro!

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