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1. Your First Pro Job Request

Your first Pro Job Request has arrived...what now?

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If you haven't signed up for Properly Pro, you can still accept any Job Request that isn't marked with a "Pro" badge.

However, if you’ve completed three jobs, you'll receive an email notification letting you know that you are eligible to accept Pro job requests as a Properly Pro.

Accepting a Pro Job

The steps for accepting a Pro Job (easy to identify thanks to their bright orange "Pro" badges) are basically the same as those for booking a non-Pro job. However, there are a few differences...

  1. Pro Job Requests in the app appear differently to Pro Service Providers than those not part of Properly Pro.

  2. If you're not a Pro, you'll only see general information about the job (ex. date, job duration, offered price, and general location.) Pros get more specifics (exact location, etc.)

3. To accept the Pro Job Request, tap the listing and click "Sign up for Pro" at the bottom of the pop-up message.

4. This will take you to the “Become a Pro” section, where you'll need to read and accept each of our Terms & Conditions.

  • To review the commitments, tap the dropdown caret next to each section of the agreement and read it over.

  • Then, agree to those commitments by tapping on the square next to each one.
    4. Tap "Join Pro" to sign up.

5. Tap "I agree with the Marketplace commitments" to sign up.

NOTE: You cannot continue the sign-up process unless you accept each commitment.

6. Next, in order to get paid automatically after each Pro Job you complete, you need to add your bank account information to the app.

NOTE: You'll also need to create and add a Stripe account to the app.

7. Once you've signed-up, your Pro Profile will officially be live, and you'll be able to accept any Pro Job Requests that come your way.

Welcome to Properly Pro!

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