What is Properly Pro?

Your property is in a Pro Area...now what?

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Properly Pro is a program available in specific areas that guarantees the quality of jobs carried out by Properly’s network of Independent Service Providers.

24 hours after completing a Pro Job, Pro Service Providers get paid automatically through the app. They're also covered by the Marketplace Satisfaction Guarantee, which is part of Properly’s Terms of Service.

Below are a few Pro Updates you'll notice in the app.

Pro Badges

Your Pro Properties will sport bright orange "Pro" badges to remind you of their pro status.

Learn More About Properly Pro

  1. Tap on any Pro badge (or on “Learn more about Properly Pro”) to reveal an overview of the program and a link to Properly’s Terms of Service.

  2. When you're done, click "OK" to exit the pop-up.

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