Booking a Pro Job
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The steps for booking a Pro Job are basically the same as those for booking non-Pro jobs. However, there are a few differences, mostly related to payment.

  1. Click the “Properties” icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Next, select the property from your properties list (note the Pro Badges!)

3. Click "Create Job."

4. Fill out the pop-up “Create Job” form as usual.

5. Tap "Select Service Provider" to send the Job Request out to Service Providers.

6. In the "My Service Providers" section, tap profiles of those to whom you'd like to send the Job Request.

NOTE: The orange "Pro" Badge indicates a Pro Service Provider.

7. You can also send the Job Request to Community Service Providers, if you'd like.

8. Once you've selected everyone to whom you'd like to send your Job Request, click "Done" to return to the "Create Job" form.

9. You must include an Offered Price for Pro Job Requests (you don't have to do this for regular Job Requests.) Tap "Offered Price" and enter the amount in the pop-up form.

NOTE: In the Service Provider agreement with Properly, Service Providers agree that Properly will deduct a commission percentage on all jobs sent through the Marketplace in a Pro market. If this job is performed by a Community Service Provider, the total amount they will receive corresponds to the offered price deducted by Properly’s commission percentage.

10. Once you've finished creating your Job Request, tap the "Send" button.

11. If you have a Pro Property, and it's your first time sending a Job Request to a Pro Service Provider, you will be asked to enter in a payment method before sending the request.

12. Tap "Save" when you've entered your information.

13. You'll also need to agree to Properly Terms of Service for a Pro Job before sending your Job Request.

14. Once your Job Request has been sent, you'll see a "Request sent!" page.

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