Adding a filter to your calendar shows only properties with certain characteristics, improving your efficiency in scheduling specific services for listings with similar features.

Add A Filter

  1. Click the “Calendar” icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Hit the “Add Property Filter” button (above your list of properties).

3. This reveals a drop-down menu of filters (see the full list of filter options below).

4. Select your filter(s) of choice to apply it to your calendar.

Full List of Filters

Property Attributes

  • Property Tag

  • Title

  • City

  • Country

  • Zip Code

  • Bedrooms

Property Jobs

  • Job Status

  • Job Date

  • Jobs with Problems

  • Incomplete Jobs

  • Job Title

  • Job Duration in Hours

  • Assigned Service Provider

Property Bookings

  • Booking Status

  • Booking Date

  • Booking Duration

  • Booking Same Day Check-In/Out

Property To-Dos

  • To-Do Title

  • To-Do Date

  • To-Do Type

Save a Filter

Saving commonly used filter combinations (ex. City + Property Tag + Job Status) can simplify everything from scheduling jobs to reviewing to-do lists.

EXAMPLE: You prefer scheduling all of your pool cleanings in Basalt, Colorado, at the same time, so it’d be a good idea to save a filter that shows you all of your properties in Basalt that have a pool.

  1. Filter by City: select “City” from the “Add Property Filter” drop-down menu.

2. Type in “Basalt” and click "Apply."

3. Next, filter by Property Tag: select “Property Tag” from the “Add Property Filter” drop-down menu.

4. Type in “Pool” and click "Apply."

5. Click the “Save Filter” button (on the same line as your existing filters), and then enter a name for this new filter.

  • Give it a name that makes it easy to identify (ex. “Basalt Pools”)

6. Once you’ve saved a filter, you’ll see a new button next to the “Save Filter” button that says “Load Filter. “

7. Click “Load Filter” to reveal a list of your saved filters.

8. Apply the filter to your calendar.

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