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Switch Your Role from Host to Service Provider

If you’re both a host and a service provider, read this article for instructions on how to switch from one view to the other.

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If you're both a host AND a Service Provider, you may need to switch your view in the Properly mobile app depending on which role you're performing at the time. That's because hosts and property managers have different permissions and abilities in the Properly app than Service Providers (ex. hosts can only send jobs, not receive them. )

Switch to a Service Provider Role

  1. Tap the house-shaped "Properties" icon.

2. Click the gear-shaped "Settings" icon (in the top left corner) to open your profile settings.

3. Tap "Switch to ‘Receive Jobs.'” You'll now be in Service Provider mode.

Switch to a Host Role

  1. Click the gear-shaped "Settings" icon (in the bottom right corner) to open up your profile page.

  2. Tap "Switch to ‘Create Jobs.'” You'll now be in Host mode.

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