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Report Problems or Damages to Client

If you run into a problem, you’ll want to let your client know right away. Learn how to report problems through the Properly app.

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If you run into an issue while working a job, you can - and should! - report it to your client through the Properly app. You can create a Problem Report for anything from damage to the property, a missing item, or insufficient inventory to complete the task.

ex. If you were asked to stock four toilet paper rolls and there are only two toilet paper rolls in the supply cupboard, that’s a reportable problem.

If you can’t take a photo of the problem –ex. there's an odd smell– describe it as thoroughly as possible. For example:

  • Describe the smell.

    • "In the kitchen, I noticed there's an odd smell, like warm garbage.")

  • Then, see if you can pinpoint its location.

    • "It seems to be strongest in the left side of the pantry."

  • Finally, indicate how severe the problem is.

    • "It is quite strong, and you can smell it from outside the kitchen area."

Create a Problem Report

  1. On the task where you ran into the problem, click the "!" icon.

2. Write a title for the report (ex. "wine on carpet.")

3. To describe the problem in more detail, tap the space below the title to reveal a new window.

4. Write up a description of the problem in the new window; the more information you include, the better. The client needs to understand the problem so they can decide to either alert the next guests (and adjust their expectations,) or resolve the problem before the guest arrives.

Once you're finished, hit "Done."

5. Tap the camera icon to take a photo of the problem.

NOTE: In order to take a photo directly from the app, you'll need to give Properly access to your camera.

6. Take a photo of the problem.

7. Drag the sliding scale to assign the problem a Severity Rating.

8. Tap "Send" to submit your report to the client.

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