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Invite Your Service Partners, Owners, and Consultants

Share your account with service partners, owners, or consultants you trust to save time creating checklists and assigning jobs.

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Our "Managing Partners" feature lets you share your account with those who keep your company running. Inviting your Service Providers, company/property owner(s), and other consultants to use Properly allows you to track the activity of your partners at your listings. This feature also:

  • Empowers Service Providers to schedule their own services,

  • Keeps owners in the loop about the services you provide to their home(s)

  • Enables Service Consultants to help you create checklists.

  • Encourages team-wide collaboration

    Invite a Partner to Share Properly Access

    1. Click the "Settings" icon in the navigation bar, then open the "Partners" section.

    2. Click the "Invite Partners" button.

3. Assign your partner a role (see below for the three options,) then click "Next."

Service Consultants

  • Can get access to your properties (so they can create and edit checklists.)

  • Cannot schedule jobs.


(NOTE: This feature requires a PM plan.)

  • Can access the property/properties you manage for them to have visibility into the jobs performed there.

  • Can view your calendar

  • Can create and edit checklists

  • Cannot schedule jobs

Service Providers

(NOTE: This feature requires a PM plan.)

  • Can access the booking calendar(s) for the properties they service

  • Can schedule jobs

4. Enter their email address and click "Next."

5. Assign account permissions to this partner ("Full Access" or "Partial Access,") then click "Next."

6. Choose which properties –either all or a select number– to share with this partner, then click "Send" in the top right corner.

What Happens Next?

We'll send your partner a link to finish creating their Properly account. Once they've logged into their account, they'll see all of the properties you've shared with them.

  • Service Consultants can create checklists for your properties on their own accounts.

    • These checklists will also show up on your account for your use.

  • When you schedule a job for a property you've shared with an Owner, the Owner can review the Job Summary and any of the job features to which you've granted them permissions.

  • When you or a Service Provider schedules a job, both of you can view that job on your calendar.

    • Similarly, when you schedule a job from your account, your Service Provider can also view it.

Each partner can head to their "Settings" section to configure their notifications for all actions they have permissions.

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