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Invite Employees and Team Members to Join Your Company Account
Invite Employees and Team Members to Join Your Company Account
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You've created your Company Account; now it's time to start sending out invitations!

  1. Open the "Company" tab and click the “Invite Employee” button in the top right corner.

2. Enter your employee's email address, then hit the "Next" button.

NOTE: Please only enter one email at a time, as you will be designating permissions for each employee individually.

3. Set up permissions for this employee.

You can choose to give this user access to some (click "Partial Access") or all (click "Full Access") of the following permissions:

  • View payment information (Offered Price, Costs/Time, and Payment Details)

  • View "Problem Reports"

  • View "Verification Photos" and "Tasks Completed"

  • Create, Edit, and Delete Checklists

  • Send Job and Edit Contacts

  • Start Job

4. Next, you'll set up the employee's "Property Permissions."

  • Click "Select Properties" to limit their access to specific rentals.

  • Select “All properties” to grant them access to every property in your portfolio, including properties you may add in the future.

NOTE: Whatever permissions you select for this employee will only apply to the properties to which you give them access to in the "Property Permissions."

5. Once you've set up all of the employee's permissions, hit the "Send" button in the top right corner. They'll receive an email invitation to use Properly and be prompted to create an account using their work email.

NOTE: Your employees must sign up with Properly using a work email that uses your company domain name (ex. Free email providers like Gmail or Yahoo are blocked.

6. Once your team members have their own Properly accounts, they can customize their preferences to fit their role and responsibilities.

For example, someone in charge of arranging turnover service for your properties might set up their notifications to alert them whenever a new booking comes in.

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