Step 3: Onboarding for Managers

Properly is here to help you from the very beginning...learn how your Onboarding Manager sets you (and your account) up for success!

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Your onboarding process kicks off as soon as you’ve signed up for a Manager account. To make sure you’re comfortable using the app and all of our tools, our process includes:

  • Two calls with your Onboarding Manager (scheduled at your convenience)

  • Creating customized checklists for your business

  • Creating customized checklists for each of your properties

  • One-on-one assistance setting up your account and importing your properties

  • Properly app training for your cleaning staff (upon request)

Your Onboarding Calls

Your onboarding manager gets to know your cleaning preferences and special instructions for each property during your two calls. Then, they’ll use that information to create custom checklists for all of the properties you manage.

Your Onboarding Manager can also help you set up custom configurations, reporting, and other details for your account.

What are Custom Checklists?

Someone managing hundreds or thousands of individual properties would likely find it difficult (and time-consuming) to create custom checklists for each unique property.

Our Onboarding Team takes care of all of those details for you (if you’ve signed up for a Manager Plan.) Not only do we create checklists specific to your business, but we also customize those checklists to fit the needs of each property.

For example, if ten of your properties have barbecues, we’ll make sure the checklists for those properties include a “clean the barbecue” task.

Do this one thing to make your onboarding successful!

The most important thing to do before your first Onboarding call is to connect your Properly account to your listing platforms, as well as your PMS and iCal ( if you use them.)

Your Onboarding Manager cannot connect your accounts for you, as they require your login credentials, so be sure to get that done on your own.

Connecting your accounts is the only step you MUST take before your first call.

Of course, it’s essential to set up the rest of your account, but your Onboarding Manager will be glad to help you:

  • Add property details (if necessary)

  • Create custom checklists (we’ll make them, but you’ll tell us what you want to be included)

  • Set up notifications

  • Add your cleaning staff and team to your account

Once your onboarding is complete, we’ll show you how to send your first job.

Set up your Onboarding Call

Once you sign your Manager account contract, you’ll be introduced to your Onboarding Manager by email. Our speedy Onboarding Team will follow up with you to schedule your first onboarding call, but if you’d like to reach out to your Onboarding Manager sooner, reply to the initial email introduction.

Can’t find your introduction email? Check your spam filter. If it isn’t there, contact your sales rep.

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