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Meet Properly!

An overview of Properly's features and their uses for Property Owners and Managers.

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Properly is a quality assurance tool for short-term rental owners and property managers. We make it easy to implement standards and protocols, train and educate Service Providers, and keep a record system for every completed cleaning at your properties.

Properly is available in nine languages and used by owners, managers, cleaners, and platforms worldwide.

Properly is ideal for owners and managers who:

  • Are particular about how their homes and properties are cleaned and staged.

  • Get tired of explaining and re-explaining how service providers should perform each task.

  • Need a better way to schedule and track cleanings for multiple properties.

  • Want a more streamlined way to manage turnovers.

  • Want to monitor their cleaners’ progress in real-time.

Powerful Feature #1: Checklists

Of all the innovative features that set Properly ahead of the competition are Visual Checklists. Checklists eliminate errors in even the most demanding professions: surgeons and pilots use them to ensure they don’t skip a single operation or flight step. We hope to make them just as ubiquitous in the short-term rental industry as our checklists help owners and managers maintain a uniformly high standard of property upkeep and maintenance.

Powerful Feature #2: In-Depth Record Keeping

Another essential feature for this era in short-term rentals is Properly’s system of record. Of course, guests need to know that the places they rent out adhere to high standards of cleanliness and disinfection. But, of course, they’re not alone, either; Listing platforms, municipal and national governments, and management associations worldwide want to know who cleaned the property, as well as how and when they cleaned it. Luckily, Properly keeps all of that information right at your fingertips.

What Can You Do With Properly?

  1. Access and use checklists certified by significant platforms and organizations.

  • Many platforms require that hosts employ rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols for their properties.

  • Properly makes it easy for hosts, managers, and service providers to follow these protocols and keep records of all work done at the property.

2. Ensure that cleanings get scheduled for every turnover.

  • Properly integrates directly with Airbnb and via iCal with HomeAway/Vrbo and so all of your bookings show up on a single, central calendar in your Properly account.

  • You can schedule a cleaning job with just a few clicks and see at a glance which bookings still need cleaning.

3. Assign jobs to cleaners you know or other qualified cleaners in the area.

  • Invite your cleaner to download and use the free Properly app on Android or iOS. Once they’re signed up, you can send them job requests!

  • The Properly Marketplace is also full of qualified cleaners; if your usual cleaner is unavailable for a job or has to cancel at the last minute, you can find a replacement in no time.

4. Receive service reports and keep a record of every single cleaning, turnover, and inspection.

  • You can always review what was done, when, and by whom at each of your properties.

  • Your service providers can send you reports about property problems or damage so you can immediately assign the fix to another service provider (a plumber, electrician, etc.)

5. See what your service provider sees.

  • Properly tracks service providers’ start and end times for each job and lets you know which tasks they completed.

  • You can also request that service providers snap verification photos of any tasks you want to have a record of.

    • For example, many managers ask service providers for photos of each room in the property to guard against guest complaints.

Want to Learn More?

This list skims the surface of all that Property has to offer! Interested in using Properly for your management business? Contact our Sales Team ( to schedule a demonstration of the app’s manager-centered features! We'll also give you a custom quote based on the size of your business.

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