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An Introduction to Properly for Service Providers
An Introduction to Properly for Service Providers
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PLEASE NOTE: At this time, only Service Providers invited by a Host or Property Manager can sign up for Properly. When invited, you’ll get a text with a sign-up link. Ready to get started? Ask your client to send you an invitation to use Properly.

What is Properly?

We’re a quality assurance tool for vacation rental Service Providers that gives them the power to book and schedule jobs, communicate more clearly with their clients, and build and showcase their cleaning and maintenance skills.

Properly makes it easy for you to deliver the services they want every time thanks to:

  • Client-made interactive visual checklists that offer precise instructions for every property you service.

  • In-app access to the property’s details ( ex. Smart lock codes, WiFi connection instructions) after accepting a job.

  • In-app chat to communicate directly with clients during the job.

  • Built-in camera to send clients photos of completed tasks and report any problems on-site.

What is the Properly Marketplace?

Hosts and property managers always look for skilled providers who understand how to clean, stage and prepare a property for guests. End their searches (and get more clients) by joining Properly’s Marketplace, where you’ll show up as an experienced, available service provider for other clients in your area.

You’ll continue to set your rates in the Marketplace. While clients can send you offers that include rates, you can choose whether to accept the job (since there aren’t any penalties for declining jobs.) Most importantly, you’ll always take home 100% of your earnings.

What are Visual Checklists?

Everyone makes mistakes, but luckily, there’s a proven tool that eliminates errors in even the most demanding professions: a checklist. Surgeons and pilots use them to ensure they don’t skip a single step of an operation or a flight; we use them to ensure impeccable cleanings and inspection jobs.

Before a job, your client creates a visual checklist in the app to show you everything you’ll need to do on the job, from making the beds to cleaning windows. Once on-site, rather than trying to remember every single detail of your client’s request, you can follow the checklist and check off tasks as you complete them. No unhappy clients!

You’ll also take verification photos for specific tasks and rooms. This way, if a guest complains about your work to get a discount or refund on the cleaning fees, your client can always defend your excellent work.

For example, if a guest reports a problem, the client will be able to verify from your photos that you ran the dishwasher, emptied the fridge, or left the living room spotless. No more taking the heat for a problem you didn’t create!

Why Use Properly?

Stand Out with Quality Service

If you forget to perform a standard house cleaning, your client won’t be pleased, but it probably won’t have dire consequences. Forgetting a hospitality cleaning job, however, can lead to your client getting a bad review, which can have a genuine impact on their business.

Using Properly not only makes it easier to avoid scheduling mishaps, but it also shows clients that you have an excellent track record of providing good service, arriving in the allotted time window, and meeting the expectations they’ve set with clear checklist instructions. It’s a great way to earn loyal clients for the lifetime of your business.

Report Problems Immediately

If guests leave a property in a terrible state, it may be impossible to get the job done in the allotted time. With the Properly app, you can take photos of the property and send them directly to your client, ensuring they know about the problem right away and can work with you to adjust the plan.

Save Time

How many calls, texts, and emails with your client does it take to set up times and dates for your services? Properly erases endless back-and-forths with clients by making it easy to set up jobs and agree on services with a few clicks.

Have a question? Send your client a message through the app and get a quick response back.

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