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Create a Report
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Only those with an Advanced or Property Manager account can access this feature.

  • You can upgrade to an Advanced in your account settings.

  • If you’d like to open (or upgrade to) a Property Manager account, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Team (

You can use your Properly reports to:

  • Invoice payments for Service Providers.

  • Identify property damage (and file damage claims.)

  • Track all of your properties’ servicing and repair needs.

  • Review all completed jobs and gain insight into the frequency of changeover services.

  • Identify your best Service Providers

Create A New Report

  1. Click the “Reports” icon in the navigation bar.

2. Press the “+” In the“Create a New Report” column.

3. Fill out the fields at the top of the page and specify the information you’d like included in the report (date range, property, Service Provider, job type, etc.)

Filling out Report Fields

  • Title: Naming your report makes it easier to locate later on.

  • Date Range: A date range is critical for proper reporting; without a start and end date, your report would show data from the day you started using Properly up until the present day.

    • We recommend setting a date range–last week, this month, etc.– for every report (unless you specifically want a report for all instances of a given set of data.)

  • Status: Filter your results by status to see properties with Pending, Accepted, Declined, or Canceled jobs.

    • Choose “Select all Status” from the drop-down list to view properties with any job type.

  • Properties: Focus your report on a specific property or group of properties.

    • Choose “All Properties” from the drop-down list to see them all.

  • Service Provider: Review the work of a specific Service Provider or a group of Service Providers.

    • Choose “All Service Providers” from the drop-down list to include every Service Provider you've worked with.

  • Column Selector. To create a particular, focused report, open the “Column Sector” list, and check off all of the data you’d like to see (number of bedrooms, currency, etc.)

Save Your Report

  1. Click “Save” in the upper right corner to save your report.

  2. When you save a report, it will appear in your “Report List” (in the far left column.)

    • To run a saved report, find it in the “Report List” column and open it. The field types will automatically populate themselves.

      NOTE: If you don’t save your report, you’ll need to create it from scratch if you want to run it again.

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