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Track Completed Tasks
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You can check in on a job’s status by reviewing how many tasks your Service Provider has already completed. There are two ways to access the job:

  1. Click the “Calendar” icon in the navigation bar and open the job you’d like to review.

  2. Click the “Properties” icon in the navigation bar.

  • Select the property where the job is taking place.

  • Click the “Job Requests” tab in the horizontal navigation bar.

Open the “Job Request” form to review the following details:

  • Job start and end time.

  • Whether your Service Provider was within 0.5 km or 0.3 miles of the property when they started the job.

  • How many of the verification photos you requested have been submitted.

  • How many checklist tasks have been completed.

  • Any additional problems reported or messages sent by your Service Provider.

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