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Add a Property Manually

Need to add a property listing that isn’t currently on a listing site or PMS? You can add it manually with these instructions.

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NOTE: While you can manually import a property, in most cases, we recommend connecting your Properly account to your listing platform, Property Management Service (PMS), or iCal instead. Linking accounts ties your properties to your bookings, preventing you from accidentally creating duplicates.

When to Add a Property Manually

If you have a property that’s not on a major listing platform or a PMS, you can manually import it into your Properly account.

  1. Click the “Properties” icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Hit the “+” button next to “New Properties.” (Can be found above your list of properties.)

3. Fill out the “Create Property” form with the details of your new property.

4. Once you’ve filled out the form, make sure to click “Save” to preserve your work!

TIP: You won’t be able to click the “Save” button until you’ve added the property address to the “Create Property” form.

5. Your new, manually-created property will now show up in the “Properties” section.

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