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How to View Photos in Gallery
How to View Photos in Gallery

Look through the photos for your properties and create checklists using them.

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Your photo gallery isn’t simply a collection of all the photos associated with one of your properties - although it’s definitely that. You can also use the photo gallery to create reports and check up on the way the property has changed over time through our Home Assessment tool. 

Start from the Properties tab.

1. Select the property for which you want to view and use photos.

2. Select View Gallery.


In the property gallery, you can view all the photos related to your property. Use the tabs to organize photos, assess the state of the property, and create reports.

  1. Property photos: You can view all photos you have imported from your connected accounts or manually added to your property. You can also delete any photos you don’t need in this tab.

  2. Home Assessment: You can view all verification photos assigned to the jobs which have ever sent from your property. It’s sorted by jobs and slides.

  3. Problem Reports: You can view all the problems which have ever reported to your property. It’s sorted by jobs.

  4. Other Reports: Problem reports get their own special tab so you can easily locate and resolve issues. This tab is for all other types of reports. 

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