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Track Working Time, Tasks Completed, and Location
Track Working Time, Tasks Completed, and Location

Track your service provider’s progress so you know where they are, how far along they are in the checklist, and how long until completion.

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You can assure yourself that a scheduled job is taking place at the time and date you scheduled by tracking the job while it’s in progress. You’ll be able to see when your service provider started a job, where they were when they started the job, and how many tasks they’ve completed from your checklist.

How to track a job’s progress 

Navigate to the property for which you have a job scheduled. Click on the job in the Job Requests tab. 

You’ll be able to see: 

  1. Job start time (and end time when the job is completed) 

  2. Whether your service provider was within 0.3 of the property’s location when they started the job 

  3. How many verification photos you requested have been completed 

  4. How many tasks have been completed from your checklist 

  5. Any additional problems reported or messages sent by your service provider 

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