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Request a Job in Properly’s Community Marketplace
Request a Job in Properly’s Community Marketplace

If your regular service provider isn’t available, send a job request to the Community Marketplace to find qualified help.

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If your current service provider isn’t available, you’re expanding to a new location, or you need additional help during busy season, you can send a job request to the Properly Community Marketplace. Your job request will be sent to all Community Service Providers in your area, who are vetted and verified professionals with experience in hospitality cleaning and services. 

Find Community Service Providers with Properly on the web 

You can send out job requests to the entire Community Marketplace for your area by creating a Job Request. In the Service Provider section, you will see a list of your personal service providers on the left, and Community Service Providers on the right. 

You can select all Community Service Providers if you need to find a service provider on short notice, or click the Select All button to send a job request to all service providers on the list. 

If you choose Select All, you can de-select individual service providers so as not to send a request to service providers you already know to be unavailable. 

You can also search for individual Community Service Providers and review their profiles before sending a job. To preview Community Service Providers: 

  1. Select the property listing which requires a turnover. 

  2. Click See Community Service Providers. This will allow you to look at the available help in your city and send out the job to those you prefer.

Service Providers will accept or decline jobs once notified, and the first Provider to accept the request will get the job. 

Sending a job to more Service Providers ensures the fastest response. 

Find Community Service Providers using the Properly mobile app 

  1. On a mobile phone app, visit the Properties tab. 

  2. Select the listing which needs a turnover service. 

3. Then select Service Providers.

4.  If there are available Service Providers in the area, they will appear under Community Service Providers. Select each Service Provider which you would like to receive the job and send the job request. 

Offering a flexible time window 

If there is a window of time during which the job can be completed, use flexible start time to tell your provider when the property is available to be cleaned, how long the job will take and when the job needs to be completed. 

Service providers can then select a specific time within your window that they will be available to do the job. Offering a flexible time window makes it more likely you will be able to find a service provider who is available to do your job. 

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