Sometimes, you need to add additional tasks to a job you’ve already sent. 

You can always edit a job in your Properly account. Whenever you edit a job, your previous job request will be cancelled, and a new one sent to your service provider. Your service provider can then choose to accept or decline the job based on the new information you’ve added. 

This means if you’re adding another checklist to a job that would require an additional hour of the service provider’s time, you will want to edit the amount of compensation you’re offering appropriately. 

Edit a Job 

To find the job you want to edit, you can go to the calendar view or go to the property you’ve assigned the job to and click the “Job Requests” tab. 

In Calendar view: 

In Property view: 

In either view, click the job you want to edit. The full job request will open. 

Click Edit in the upper right-hand corner to edit the job and select Edit Job Request.

You will see a warning that editing the job will cancel the previous job and send a new one. Click Continue. This will send you to an editable version of your job request. 

Make your edits to the job request. When you have finished editing your job request, click Send Job Request to send it.

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