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What’s a Fair Rate for Your Service Provider?
What’s a Fair Rate for Your Service Provider?

Service providers and property managers alike sometimes struggle with determining a fair rate for their area. Here’s how to set fair rates.

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Know what to charge

It can be difficult to know what is appropriate to pay Service Providers. Properly compiles analytics based on what hosts are currently paying per bedroom in each city where there are Properly users. 

Check out the Marketplace Price Data to help understand what to pay for a job.  This shows current prices for jobs based on the location and size of a listing.

Hosts set their own rates

Hosts have full freedom to decide what they wish to pay for a turnover or job request. Service Providers take home 100% of their earnings. Service Providers also have the flexibility to accept a job or decline the offer based on convenience and pay. Therefore, the price hosts are willing to pay will directly impact the acceptance rate they receive from Service Providers. 

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