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How to Pay Your Service Provider
How to Pay Your Service Provider

Properly isn’t a payment app. So how do you pay your service providers once they’ve finished the job?

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Pay Service Providers outside the app

Currently, all payment transactions are conducted outside of Properly. It is best practice to clearly communicate within the job request how and when a Service Provider will be paid for a turnover. Depending on the global location we recommend services like Paypal, Venmo, Cash App or Direct Bank Deposit. Be on the lookout as Properly is working to update this feature in the near future. 

Understand best local practices

It is important for hosts to think through how much they are willing to pay for the convenience of a Service Provider. Hosts should consider the space size, accessibility, difficulty and the length of task checklist. Although the standards vary worldwide, Properly offers guidelines to help pay Community Service Providers a fair and living wage. 

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