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Complete a Job and Review Client Feedback

Get your client’s feedback during and after a job so you know how to meet their expectations and earn their business again.

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You can see your client’s feedback in your History tab in the Properly app. 

Clients will send feedback for good work as well as things they’d like you to improve. Feedback can also be a simple request for a change, such as asking you to switch the type of cleaning solution you use for certain rooms of the house. 

If you receive feedback, incorporate it into the way you service that property. You can ask the client if they’re willing to add an item to your checklist for that property, too. If your client sends feedback that they’d like you to put out a clean sponge for the guest to use by the kitchen sink, let them know you’d be happy to do so, and ask if they would please add it to the checklist so you can be sure to remember next time. 

If you have been invited to share that client’s account, you can even add items to the checklist yourself, making it easy for you to incorporate feedback. 

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