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Did you find Properly on your own? Start here.
Did you find Properly on your own? Start here.

If you weren’t invited by a client to join Properly, start here to set up an account and become a Community Service Provider.

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Welcome to Properly! If you’ve been invited by a property manager or owner, please start here. If you’ve found us on your own, you’ll need to start by setting up an account.

Create an Account 

  1. Download the Properly app

  2. Sign up for a new account

  3. Go to Settings and select Switch to “Receive Jobs” to start as a Service Provider. 

  4. Verify your phone number by entering the code we’ll send you via text message. 

Once you have an account set up, you can join the Properly Marketplace to become a Community Service Provider. Becoming a member of the Marketplace means that clients can find you in your service area and offer you jobs. 

Join the Properly Marketplace 

Watch the video below to get walked through the process of joining the Marketplace.

  1. Click the Marketplace tab.

  2. Click “Join”

  3. Take or upload a profile photo that clearly shows your face. 

  4. Select which services you can provide to clients. 

  5. Fill out the “About Me” section with information about who you are, how long you’ve been in the business, and what your availability is like. 

Once you’ve become a member of the Properly Marketplace, you can invite your existing clients to send you jobs through the Properly app. Current users of Properly will NOT be able to see you in the app until you have completed your first job through Properly, so be sure to ask a client to join you! 

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