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What’s a Trusted Partner?

Trusted Partners are service providers whose clients have given them access to view their Properly account. If your client designates you as a Trusted Partner, you’ll be able to participate more fully in the way they schedule and assign jobs for the properties they give you access to.

As a Trusted Partner, you’ll be able to create and edit checklists for the properties you service and assign yourself jobs for upcoming bookings. If a client gives you this status, they’re trusting you to help them ensure that every booking has the correct services scheduled and that the tasks they need are performed just as expected.

Want a client to make you a Trusted Partner? You can always ask. If you know you’re your client’s go-to service provider for cleaning or maintenance, let them know you’re willing to take on the responsibility of assigning yourself the job every time a new booking appears for those properties.

You can also propose creating more extensive and detailed checklists for your clients so that when they need to rely on other service providers, the job is done right every time. You’ll earn huge points with them for putting in that effort!

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