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What is Properly? For Cleaners

Properly is a free quality assurance tool that helps vacation rental cleaners and other service providers manage jobs and get clear expectations from their clients.

With Properly, your clients can send you interactive visual checklists that provide clear instructions for every property you service. You’ll have all the property details after you accepted the job, like the address, how to access the property and how to connect to the WiFi. It’s all in the app so no more back and forth with your client. You can also report problems when you run into them at the property, send photos of completed tasks, and chat with your clients directly in the app. Your client will be notified of everything, so they can take action right away and the property is ready for the next check-in.

In short: Properly makes it easy for you to deliver exactly what your client wants every time.

Properly Marketplace

Properly can help you find more clients. By joining the Marketplace, you’ll appear as an experienced and available service provider for other property managers and hosts in your area. Hosts and property managers are always looking for cleaners who know how to service short-term rentals.

In the Marketplace, you continue to set your own rates and take 100% of your earnings. Clients can send you offers that include a rate, and you can decide if you want to accept the job or not. There are no penalties for declining jobs.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

You’re only human, and you will occasionally make mistakes. Thankfully, checklists are proven to eliminate mistakes in even the most difficult professions. Surgeons and pilots use them to ensure they never miss a step – and they’re a great way for you to make sure you never forget even the smallest critical detail in a cleaning or inspection job.

Your client uses Properly to send you visual checklists. Via our mobile app you can open the checklist on your phone (Android or IOS) to see what tasks you need to complete for each room, clean as usual, and check off the tasks when you’re done. If you find you missed a step – like refilling the toilet paper – you’ll catch it as you check off tasks, and can fix it right away.

No guest complaints or unhappy clients ever again! You’ll always remember everything that needs to be done.

Have you ever had a guest complain about your work, even though you know you did an exceptional job? Some unscrupulous guests do complain without any cause, hoping to get a discount or their cleaning fee refunded. Properly protects you by making sure your client can always defend your excellent work.

With Properly, you’ll take verification photos for certain tasks and rooms of the property. If a guest reports a problem, the client will be able to verify from your photos that you ran the dishwasher, emptied the fridge, or left the living room spotless. No more taking the heat for a problem you didn’t create.

Ready to get started? Ask your client to send you an invitation to use Properly.

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