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How do I view verification photos?

When your cleaner sends you verification photos from a job, you can review them from the job itself, or from your photo gallery.

The most effective way to see your verification photos is by using the Home Assessment tab in your photo gallery. The Home Assessment tool shows you your most recent verification photos alongside your reference photo for each room of the property, making it easy to see at a glance whether the room has been staged correctly.

Home Assessment allows you to see not only the verification photos from the most recent job, but all of the verification photos from previous jobs at that same property, organized by most recent job and by room. This makes it easy to see if the most recent verification photos meet the standard you’ve set in previous cleans.

To navigate to your photo gallery, select the property you’d like to review in your Properties tab, and then select “View Gallery” under the primary photo for the property.

In the photo gallery, select the “Home Assessment” tab to view your verification photos.

If you have not updated your photos in your checklist templates with your own reference photos, you’ll find that the reference photos are our standard illustrations for a given room:

If you don’t need reference photos for the tasks you’ve requested verification photos for, you can leave the illustrations as they are. For example, your cleaner doesn’t necessarily need to see the empty dishwasher in this particular property – the illustration will serve in this case.

For the bedroom, however, you may wish to update the photo to show your cleaner how you would like the room to be staged.

If you would like to take a quick look at verification photos while the job is in progress, and do not need to compare the verification photos to your reference photos, you can see the verification photos for a particular job by selecting that job from your Calendar. In the job description, select View Photos.


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