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Update Your Profile

Your personal profile tells other users on Properly who you are and what type of services you provide. Use it to tell service providers how to contact you and to advertise the services you provide to vacation rental owners who use Properly. Your profile should include information about your skills, experience, and business philosophy. 

Complete or edit your personal profile

1. Click on your profile icon. On the web, you can find it here: 

On mobile, it's here: 

2. Select your name in the dropdown menu.

3. Fill in any missing information in the fields shown. Add a profile picture.

This is the photo other users will see. Choose a photo that represents your friendly self - a close-up of your face is best. 

To add a photo on either web or mobile, click the photo icon and upload your chosen photo. On mobile, you can also choose to take a photo with your camera phone. 

When you’re finished, click Save changes. 

Change your notification settings

Click on your profile icon and select Notifications.

Your options to receive notifications are (1) email, (2) SMS, or (3) push notifications on your mobile device. Your changes will be automatically saved.

Change your password

Click on your profile icon and select Password.

Enter your current password. Then enter your new password and verify it. Select Change Password.

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