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How do I update photos in my checklists?

You can edit or add to your checklists using photos from your photo gallery. You may want to do this if the property has changed since the last time a service provider cleaned it, if the checklist needs to be clarified to make it easier for service providers to understand, or if you need to add an extra task because of damage from the last guest.

From your Properties tab, choose any property for which you’d like to update a checklist.

For this example, we’ll update the Standard Turnover Checklist, which we’ve duplicated to the property “Carmel Charmer with Hot Tub and Views.”

Select the checklist to open it. This checklist has Properly’s standard illustrations for all of the rooms of the property, and let’s say you’d like to swap in photos of the actual rooms of your property so the cleaner can see what they should look like when they’re staged.

Choose the slide you’d like to update, and select “Replace” in the upper right corner of the photo.

This will open the photo gallery, where you can choose from any of your existing photos.

  • Property Photos will show you photos that have been imported from listing platforms or your PMS, as well as any photos you upload manually.
  • Home Assessment will show you photos that your cleaner took when you requested a verification photo. These photos can be useful if your cleaner staged a room particularly well and you want to use their work as an example for your other cleaners.
  • Problem Reports will show you photos that your cleaner sent to show you problems at the property. You will generally use these to create checklists from problem reports.
  • Other Reports is a catch-all for any photos that don’t fit into the other categories, such as photos your cleaner sends you in comments.

For this example, we’ll use a photo from our Property Photos, since we want to show our cleaner how this room should be staged.

When you’ve selected the photo you want to use, click “Done” in the upper right corner.

Your new photo will take the place of the previous one, but the instructions for this room will remain the same. You can modify the instructions by clicking on the task you want to edit, or by clicking on the photo to add another task pin.

You can move the task pin if it is no longer in the position you want – just click and drag.

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