Turn on Notifications for Jobs

Notifications are an essential part of using Properly. You’ll want to know when new jobs are available and whether any assigned jobs have been cancelled. You can also get notifications when your client sends you feedback, when you’ve earned a new badge, and when job requests offered to you have expired and are no longer available. 

Set Up Notifications 

On the mobile app, navigate to your profile settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Tap “Notifications”. 

The Notifications page will show you options for which events will send you notifications, and the channel on which you’ll receive those notifications. From left to right, you can receive notifications by email, SMS text message, or via a Properly app notification on your phone. 

Without Notifications, you may miss out on jobs, not know when jobs have been cancelled, or fail to receive essential feedback from your clients, so be sure to activate yours! 

What’s Next?