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Transfer Your Paper Checklists to Properly

If you already have a written checklist you use with your service providers, that’s great - you’re already well ahead of the game of ensuring your operations are standardized. 

You probably don’t want to waste time creating the checklists you already have from scratch, but not to worry: it’s easy to transfer your existing checklists into Properly if you have an existing document on your computer. It’s as simple as cut-and-paste. 

Transfer your checklists 

Start by creating a new checklist

Click “New Text Slide” to create a text slide. You’ll see a drop-down menu appear with two options: Blank Text Slide and Text Templates

Select Blank Text Slide

Open the document where you keep your current checklist. Cut and paste each task into the text template. If you want, you can create a new task slide for each room, or categorize with the method you use currently to break up the tasks into smaller steps. 

What’s Next?