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Can I do a job myself?

“Start Job Now” allows hosts and property managers and their partners and employees to quickly start jobs without the need to schedule them.

This feature is only available to hosts and property managers and their employees and partners. If you are a cleaner or other service provider who wants to use this feature, you must be invited to become a Partner of a host or property manager who is using Properly, and the permission “Start Job” must be granted.

If you’ll be both creating a job and doing it yourself, you can use the “Start Job Now” feature to quickly start a job while still in host mode. You might want to use this feature if you:

  • Are a host who cleans or inspects your properties yourself
  • Inspect your properties yourself on your own schedule
  • Have your cleaner schedule their own jobs in partner mode

This feature is already active in your host account. If you would like to make this feature available to your service providers or employees, you must add them as a Partner or an employee to your account and provide the “Start Job”.

Start Job Now is available in mobile view only. You’ll need to download and log into your account in the Properly app to use Start Job Now.

How to Use the Start Job Now Feature

You’ll create your job as usual: from Properties, the Calendar, or a checklist in your Checklist Library. In the example below, we’ll create a job from a checklist.

How to Use the Start Job Now Feature

On the “Create job” screen, move the toggle switch for “Start job now” to the on position.


When the switch is toggled on, the only necessary information to send the job is the property and the checklist. You will no longer see information on start time, start date, duration of job, or price offered – since you won’t need any of that information to do the job yourself.

Select “Start Job” and the job will begin immediately, showing you the same checklist format that your cleaner sees when you send a job to them.

CAUTION: Please note that starting a job will immediately record the start time and your location in the job summary. If you want your start time and location to be accurate, it is best to wait until you are at the property to use the Start Job Now feature.

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