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Step 5: Send a Cleaning Job

This article details how hosts can use Properly to send a cleaning, maintenance, inspection, or key handoff job to their cleaners and other service providers.

Once you’ve invited a cleaner, imported or manually created a property, and have decided on a checklist you’d like to use for your next turnover, you’re all set to send your first job in Properly.

1. Start a Job Request.

You can send a job from multiple locations in Properly. The Calendar, Checklist Library, Contacts, and Properties tabs all include the option to send a job.

To send a job from Calendar

Your Calendar tab shows you all of your current bookings as well as jobs already scheduled. Your bookings will appear in gray, like this:

You can select Check In or Check Out to schedule a job for that specific booking. You can also select any day on the calendar to create a job that is not attached to a booking. You might want to use this option for jobs such as inspections.

To send a job from the Checklist Library 

You can select the three dots to the right of any checklist to send a job using that checklist. You will be prompted to select a property for which you’d like this job to be scheduled on the next screen.

To send a job from Properties 

In your Properties tab, you can select any property to send a job for that property. Click the orange button in the upper right corner to Send Job Request.

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 2.49.19 PM

To send a job from Contacts 

In your Contacts tab, select the service provider you’d like to send the job to. Then click Send Job Request in the upper right-hand corner. You will be prompted to choose which property you’d like your service provider to clean in the next screen.

Fill Out Your Job Request

Once you’ve selected any of the above options, you’ll see the following screen appear:

If you sent a job request from your Calendar bookings or your Properties, you will see the Property field already populated with the property you chose. If you sent a job request from your Contacts, you will see the Service Provider populated. If you sent a job request from your Checklist Library, you will see your Task/Checklist field populated.

2. Fill out the Job Request

To send a job, only four fields are required:

  • Property
  • Task/Checklist
  • Time
  • Service Provider

You can also decide to send a Job Type/Title, an Offered Price (the price you’re offering the service provider to perform the job), and a Description. These fields are optional, but both Job Type and Offered Price can help your service provider make a prompt decision to accept your job.

Job Type/Title 

Select an option from the drop-down menu, and add a title to the job if you choose. The title can help you remember any specific details about this job.


Choose the property you’d like to be serviced with this job, if it isn’t already selected.

Property Details 

If you’ve already filled out the Property Details for the property you’ve selected, this field will automatically populate. If you haven’t yet filled out the Property Details for this property, or would like to add extra instructions for this job, you can modify Properly Details in this tab by selecting the small pen icon in the lower right-hand corner.


You can select a checklist, if you haven’t already, from either the Property Checklists for this property, or the Checklist Library. You can also Add Extra Task if you’d like your cleaner to take on an extra task for this job, such as picking up supplies or leaving a note for the guest.


Be sure to double-check that the time listed for your job is correct! If you prefer your cleaner to work in a fixed window of time, select “Fixed Time.” This will tell the cleaner that they must arrive by the time you specify and finish in the time you’ve allotted.

If you have some flexibility in your schedule, you can select “Flexible Time.” This will allow you to give your cleaner a time range in which they can perform the job – for example, this one-hour job can be completed anytime between 6 am and 1 pm.

Service Provider

Select the service provider you’d like to perform the job. You can select multiple service providers if you prefer. If you do,  each of the service providers you send the job to will receive a job request. When one of them accepts the job, the other service providers will receive a notification that the job is no longer available.

Offered Price 

While providing a price is not required, service providers are much more likely to accept your job request if you specify a price.


A description of the job isn’t typically necessary, but it can be a convenient way to send your cleaner additional details about the job – for example, here we’ve let Maria know this is an early check-in, so there’s no flexibility about the job end time.

When you’ve completed all necessary fields, the button “Send Job Request” will light up orange. You can now send your job.

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