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Step 4: Select a Checklist

To send a cleaning job, you’ll need to give your cleaner instructions on what you’d like them to do. This article explains how to select a checklist to send with your cleaning job.

Properly provides several default checklists for hosts when they create an account. You can see your available checklists in your Checklist Library.

These checklists are: Standard Turnover, Peace of Mind, COVID-19 Disinfection Add-On, and COVID-19 Disinfection Add-On 2.0.

  • Standard Turnover Checklist includes instructions for how to perform a basic clean and turnover. This checklist was created with feedback from thousands of turnovers to be a streamlined but effective way to double-check every necessary task for cleaning, staging, and making sure your guests have the correct amenities.
  • COVID-19 Disinfection Add-On was created to help our users add essential disinfection tasks to their basic turnovers. This checklist can be used in addition to the Standard Turnover checklist or your own turnover checklist to make sure your cleaner disinfects each property to guard against COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Disinfection Add-On 2.0 is a more detailed version of the COVID-19 Disinfection Add-On, including instructions for cleaners on how to prevent cross-contamination and handle disinfection chemicals. You should use this checklist if you feel your cleaner needs more information on how to correctly disinfect your property.
  • Peace of Mind Checklist is a combination of our Standard Turnover and COVID-19 Disinfection Add-On checklists. Using the Peace of Mind checklist will help you get a perfect turnover while also ensuring safety for your cleaner and your guests.

You can modify any checklist to suit a property’s individual needs by selecting the three parallel dots at the right-hand side of the checklist, and selecting “Duplicate Into Properties.”

Once you have duplicated a Checklist Library checklist into a specific property, you can modify that checklist.

Checklists published by Properly or other platforms cannot be modified. These checklists are sometimes required by listing platforms or governing bodies that want to be sure certain essential tasks are performed at each property, so they must remain the same to ensure that quality standard is achieved for every property where the checklist is used.

If you have a small set of tasks you would like to add on to one of your properties, you can send two checklists at once. For example, you can send the Peace of Mind Checklist in addition to a checklist called Simon’s Additional Instructions. Your cleaner will receive both checklists for the job and the job will not be complete until both checklists are complete.

If you would like to create a checklist specific to your properties, you can do so by selecting “Create New Checklist” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Here’s our article on how to create a checklist manually in Properly.

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