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What are problem reports?

Your cleaner can send a problem report directly from the Properly app. They’ll send you a message explaining the problem, and can attach photos of the issue so that you have a clear idea of what’s going on. Those problem reports will appear in your calendar with warning sign, like this:

If you’ve set up your notifications, you will also get an alert via a phone notification, a text, or an email (or all three!).

Click on the job in your calendar to see the job details.

Select “Problems Reported” to see a drop-down with all the details of the problem report.

If the issue can be resolved easily, you can give your service provider instructions by scrolling to the bottom of the job summary, where you can send your cleaner a Comment.

Give your cleaner instructions on how to handle a minor issue that is easy for them to resolve.

If the problem cannot be resolved by the cleaner, or if the fix will require the cleaner to do so much additional work that you need to compensate them for extra time, you can create a new job from the problem report.

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