What's changed in Portrait View?

Portrait View has been released in Android and iOS for service providers. Here's what's different about Portrait View.

In the app, service providers will see the same task pins, tasks, and visuals you’re used to, just in a slightly different configuration. Here's the new and improved Portrait View: 

Artboard Copy 8

You’ll also see a new navigation menu, and a slightly different way to take verification photos. Here are instructions on how to use both in the new Portrait View. 


Your new navigation looks like this: 

Artboard Copy 6

Let's go through what each of these icons are for. 

Verification Photos

1 (1)

This icon takes you to a list of your verification photos and any feedback you have received on those photos. 


In-App Comments

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This icon takes you to your messages with your clients or our Remote Inspection team. You can use comments to talk to your clients or Remote Inspection team about problems you’ve encountered or changes they’d like you to make.


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This icon takes you to an Overview, which lets you see the entire list of slides in your job. This is useful if you need to go back to a previous room when you receive feedback about a verification photo you’ve sent, or if you’ve simply accidentally moved too far forward in your tasks.


Problem Reports

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Click this icon to send your client a problem report about damage to the property or issues you’ve encountered that interfere with your ability to complete the job.


More Actions

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 This icon sends you to a few more options, including Property Details (if you need to get the Wifi password or find other information about the property) and Add Cost/Time if you need to log cost of supplies or time on the job for your client. 

How to Retake a Photo 

When you are asked to verify a photo, you click the camera icon in the Verification task. This will take you to your phone's camera, and you can take the verification photo.

Artboard Copy 13

Once the photo is taken, you will be returned to this view, and you will see that the Verification task is checked off, and the photo is attached to the task. 

Artboard Copy 10

When you click on the photo icon in the “Verification” task, you will be taken to this view, where you can see the verification photo you sent and the reference photo for this task. 


As you can see, this verification photo is definitely not of the room in the reference photo! This cleaner clearly made a mistake about what picture to take. 


But that's no problem. There's an easy fix. 


To retake the photo, click on the small camera icon in the lower right hand corner of the verification photo. 


This will take you to the camera screen, and you can re-take your verification photo with the correct view. You can re-take a photo as many times as you need to.