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What is the photo gallery?

Your photo gallery is where you can view all the photos associated with a property, including:

  • Photos you have imported from your current listing sites and/or PMS
  • Photos you have uploaded manually to this property listing
  • Verification photos you have received from cleaners and/or service providers during jobs
  • Photos from problem reports issued during a job

You can find the photo gallery for any property by navigating to the Properties page, selecting the property you’d like to view, and choosing “View Gallery” below the round primary photo for this listing.

This will open your photo gallery, which contains four sections: Property Photos, Home Assessment, Problem Reports, and Other Reports.

In your Property Photos tab, you’ll find all photos for this property that have been imported from listing sites and PMS.

In your Home Assessment tab, you can view your reference photos for this property compared to the verification photos from your recent jobs.

In your Problem Reports tab, you’ll find photos that were sent to you via a problem report.

In Other Reports, you’ll find photos that were sent to you by any other means, such as in-app texts from your cleaners.

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