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Organize Your Checklists in the Checklist Library

Your Checklist Library is where you store all of the checklists you intend to use over and over again for your properties.

Creating a personalized checklist for each property is extremely valuable, as you can use photos to show exactly how each unique room should be staged and cleaned.

But there are plenty of scenarios where the instructions for a single checklist would be useful for all properties. A maintenance checklist with instructions to check light bulbs, batteries, electronics, and appliances could easily work for all properties, for example.

The Checklist Library gives you a place to create checklists that can be applied to any property. Since you can attach multiple checklists to any job, you will be able to use these checklists to add on necessary tasks to any turnover.

Use your Checklist Library to create checklists for maintenance, deep cleans, pool or hot tub cleaning, restocking, VIP guests, and any other scenario where the same instructions can apply to multiple properties.

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