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Step 3: Onboarding

Onboarding for managers includes having our team create custom checklists for each of your properties and ensure all connectivity is correct.

Our onboarding team is incredibly dedicated, and will be walking you through all of the features of the Properly app.

  • 2 onboarding calls with your Onboarding Manager, scheduled at your convenience
  • Customized checklists for your business
  • Customized checklists for each of your properties
  • (On request) training for your cleaning staff
  • Personal assistance with setting up your account and importing your properties

What do we talk about on the Onboarding call?

Your Onboarding manager will learn how you prefer to have your properties cleaned and any special instructions you have for particular property types so that we can create custom checklists for the properties you manage. Your Onboarding Manager can also help you set up custom configurations, reporting, and other details for your account.

How are custom checklists different?

For a host who only manages a few properties, it’s pretty simple to take one of our excellent standard checklists and customize it to fit each property. Add a bedroom to this property, add a couple of tasks that the host likes to include, and voila! All done.

Managers often handle hundreds – even thousands! – of individual properties, and because rentals are so unique, it can be difficult to customize your checklists for each property.

Our Onboarding Team handles all of that for you when you sign up for a Manager plan. We’ll not only create checklists specific to your business, but customize those checklists to each property.

That means if 10 of your properties have a barbecue, we’ll include tasks for cleaning the barbecue in the checklists for those properties. If one property has special instructions for the saltwater pool, we’ll make sure those instructions are included in that property only. And so on!

What do I need to do to onboard successfully?

The most important thing to do before your first Onboarding call is to connect your Properly account to your listing platforms, as well as your PMS and/or iCal, if you use them.

Your Onboarding Manager cannot connect your accounts for you, as they require your login credentials. Connecting your accounts is the only step you MUST take before your call.

The other steps to setting up your account are important, but your Onboarding Manager will be glad to assist you with them. They are:

  • Add Property Details (if necessary)
  • Custom Checklist Creation (we’ll create them, but you’ll tell us what you want included)
  • Set Notifications
  • Add Your Cleaning Staff and/or Team to Your Account

Once your onboarding is complete, we’ll walk you through sending your first job.

How do I set up my onboarding call?

You’ll be introduced to your Onboarding Manager by email immediately after signing your contract for a Manager account. Our Onboarding team is very prompt with following up to schedule your first onboarding call, but if you’d like to send an email to them in advance, just reply to the initial introduction by email.

Can’t find your introduction email? Please check your spam filter. If it isn’t there, contact your sales rep, or our support team at

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